For more than 33 years our group has been active in the water industry providing solutions for numerous ranges of water related issues. Starting with WS DIA-EGYPT in 1983 ,we provided the market with chemicals for water treatment,solutions for cooling towers, and flitration solutions for domestic & industrial purposes. It was in 1988 that we introduced the first Reverse Osmosis Desalination plant in the Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, Which was a milestion and decisive for what lay ahead. We covered all ranges of water related issue from basic chemical supply to filtration , water treatment plants, deaeration , desalination , demineralizalion, and finally ZLD . As of now we bave installations of more than 80,000 m3/day of desalination & water treatment projects in the form of Trun-Key ,B.O.T , and B.O.O projects in Tunis , Libya , Egypt and Oman In 1993 ID&WT was able to establish its first Fabrication Workshop for Desalination and water treatment plants in the Free Zone in Cairo Egypt to Provide Completely pre-assembled plants for export.


Ultra Filtration Technology as Pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis

We have succeeded in erecting the first containerized UF unit in the G.C.C consisting of two almost identical plants, in two different locations in Oman; the first is SUR and thesecond in Quriyat both operating since 2008. UF is known for achieving a higher quality of drinking water, used in the past for surface water, but now it is also applied for seawater pretreatment. UF units are compact and provide excellent pretreatment not only for the higher quality for product water but also because of the lifespan of the R.O. membranes as well as the mechanical moving parts in the reverse osmosis plant are prolonged. Since then we have applied UF in a number of projects, and continue to replace them instead of conventional filtration.

Co2 Removal Towers

For the first time on a commercial scale, ID&WT has succeeded in designing and building CO2 Vacuum Removal Towers in wet condition, in two different locations, as pretreatment for Continuous Electro-Deionization plants for chemical free demineralization plants. Both were used to feed Power Plants makeup water. Made out of complete Stainless Steel, the towers handled a capacity of 150 m3/hr and 35 m3/hr.

ZLD ( Zero Liquid Discharge)

The objective of Zero Liquid discharge is to maximize the reuse of waste water and reduce any amounts of it into our environment, and this is exactly what we have achieved in the 1st 100 % ZLD for the purpose of saving irrigation water and fertilizer using the newest high technology process of AGRO-ZLD, as per reference plant running since more than 3 years on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road KM 86 and 2nd Reference in TUR Sinai Governorate. ZLD is the use of multiple process configurations to make use of every single drop and we are proud to be partners in building the 1st facility in Oman in Q2-2016 focused on Designing, Fabricating such systems for the Oil & Gas and Agriculture &Aquaculture Sectors.

Our Services


Testing,Commissioning of Complete Water Treatment
& Desalination Solutions

Filtration Systems

Commissioning of Filtrations Systems for
Industrial or Municipal Requirements

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance Water Pretreatment , SWRO and BWRO Plants.Full Automated Operation,Preventive Maintenance,Repair & Fixing

Our Projects

Dyar El Rabwa – Sharm El Sheikh

500 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission

Abu Zabal

15,000 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission

Continuous Sand Filtration – Nubaria

20,000 m3/D Design, Build, Test


2277 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission and Supervision


2277 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission and Supervision


7000 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission and Supervision


Invest, Design, Build, Test, and Commission of 2500 m3/D Desalination Plant


Invest, Design, Build, Test, and Commission of 2000 m3/D Desalination Plant


Design, Build, Test & Commission of 2×65 m3/D Desalination Plant


Design, Build, Test, Commission of 1000 m3/D Desalination plant


34,800 m3/D Re-Design, Supply, Install, Test &, Commission of 2 × 600 m3/h Intake screen


1500 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission Desalination Plants


500 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission Desalination Plants


500 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission Desalination Plants


500 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission Desalination Plants

Majis Enhancement – Sohar

Installation of new PAL system and RO vessels in Majis existing RO plant


350 m3/D Design, Build, Test, Commission, Operate, and Maintain a Demineralization Plant

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